Properly maintaining the roof of your commercial property is important, not only to help protect your business but also to save you thousands in repairs down the road. While your roof may not be your main concern, taking time to perform routine maintenance checks can ensure your roof is in good shape. Catching problems early can allow you to fix your roof with repairs, rather than a full replacement. From old age to weather, there are many factors that can affect the quality of your commercial roof.

Maintenance on your roofing system includes a couple of things. And as winter draws closer, it is important to inspect or get an inspection done and prepare for winter. If you want an expert in the industry to inspect your roof for any problems that may become worse throughout winter, Northeast Roofing Systems LLC can help.  We offer only the best quality roofing products from Conklin Roofing Systems, to help you and your business stay protected longer. Our roofing systems can outlast others and can stand up to weather and more.

At Northeast Roofing Systems LLC, we work with fabric-reinforced roofing systems, spray polyurethane foam systems, as well as membrane and metal roof restorations. If you need a roof inspection done for your commercial property, contact us and we will help ensure your roof is in good conditions for the months ahead. Roof inspections does be done by a qualified roofer every six months to ensure every problem is found and fixed. You can also help keep an eye on your roof, so that issues can be fixed before they get worse. When inspecting your own commercial roof, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Create a Proper Walkway

Before you just start aimlessly walking around your roof looking for issues, create a walkway that you stick to. When inspecting your roof, be sure to walk around as little as possible, limiting foot traffic. Too much foot traffic can damage the integrity of your roof and cause more problems. If you find it difficult to get a good look at your roof without walking around, call the experts. Our roof inspectors can get the job done with as few steps as possible.

Look For Water

Pooling water and water stains are a bad sign. If you notice water collecting in one area or stains where it had collected before, the problems needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. You don’t even have to get on the roof to do these inspections, if you notice water stains on the ceiling of your commercial property, there is most likely a leak. But don’t wait until the water starts appearing on the inside of your business, be sure to check for water after major storms and every month or so.

This water pooling could be creating mold, which if it gets bad enough, could require an entire reroof. If you don’t notice any water pooling or stains, don’t wait until you do to act. Cleaning out drains by unclogging debris can help keep water from pooling, allowing it to drain properly. If you notice debris clogging your drains and downspouts, a quick cleaning would help to save your roof from pooling water.

Clean Up Nature

As mentioned above, debris, such as twigs and leaves, should be cleaned out from the areas around drains and downspouts, allowing water to drain properly. But these twigs, leaves, and other debris should be removed from all around your roof. If you see piles of leaves in the corners, don’t ignore it. This debris can retain water and cause added moisture to different areas of your roof, which eventually could cause mold.

You also want to be sure the trees are trimmed around your business. If there are overhanging branches above your business’s roof, getting rid of them may be the best decision. These branches could fall from the tree and damage your roof, and while snow is generally the reason why branches break off, this could happen at any moment. Cleaning up the landscaping around your commercial property could help to keep your business safe and save you from spending money on repairs that are caused by these branches.

Beware Of Critters

Another reason you want to clean up the leaves and branches collected in the corners of your roof is to ensure they aren’t nesting critters. Winter not only brings heavy snow drifts and broken branches, it can also cause small animals to seek shelter.

Whether a squirrel or bird has made your roof their new home, the sooner you get them out of there, the less damage you will face. Piled leaves and holes in the roof are two signs that you may be dealing with critters. The reason why it is so important to discover them early, is because they can cause a ton of damage. They can rip up insulation, cause leaks, and chew wires, creating a huge problem for you and cost your money for repairs. While more people worry about the heavy snow collecting on the roof, melting and pooling after a while, or snapping heavy branches from overhanging trees, the animals that come with cold weather are another thing you should worry about. Be sure to check your roof for nesting spots and hole to ensure you don’t have a critter problem.

Get A Pro’s Help

Even if you take the time to inspect your roof every month, clean up what you can, and make small repairs yourself, having a roofing expert perform a roofing inspection twice a year can help your roof last longer. Our professionals at Northeast Roofing Systems LLC can help to make sure your roof gets a proper inspections and that any problems are addressed. We can help protect your roof and do repairs that will keep it lasting longer.

Even if you do not believe you have any roofing problems, you will want to have an inspector come out every six months to thoroughly check out your roof. We can help find any problems that may become worse over time, repair them, and allow your roof to outlast the elements. If you are in need of a roofing inspection, contact us today and get a free estimate.