Mother Nature is a beautiful thing that can turn into an ugly beast, bringing storms of all types to different areas around the globe, leaving a path of destruction. Ohio has seen its fair share of storms—from tornados to hail, all doing a millions in damages. These storms are hard to plan for and impossible to avoid. When a storm strikes, all that can be done is to wait it out and then begin the cleanup process.

There are many different weather elements that can cause damage to your home, your car, and your business. Wind, hail, snow, and rain can all cause damage depending on the severity of the storm. Even the smallest of storms can begin to harm your property. If you own a business, your roof is something you need to keep in mind. A poorly designed roof, or a roof that has suffered small amounts of damage for years, can turn into a larger problem when a larger storm hits.

Luckily, Northeast Roofing System LLC can help make your commercial roofing strong, helping it through the small storms and repairing it after the large ones. We use the Conklin Roofing Systems to give your business the highest quality roof, helping to create minimal damage during storms.

We use Conklin Roofing products for metal roof restoration, membrane restoration, fabric-reinforced roofing systems, and spray polyurethane foam system. These roofing systems help to create strong roofs, that are sealed at the seams, offer waterproof protection, are strong against wind and hail, and can help extend the life of your roof. Protecting your roof and your business against the smaller storms will help it stay stronger during the big, damaging storms.

Ohio experiences some severe weather, so much so that March 19th through the 25th has been designated as Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week. Being in the tornado alley zone and in an area that receives a good amount of snow, the state faces different elements that could cause damage. This awareness week encourages residents to become aware of the different storm threats and learn how to protect themselves.

From 1999 to 2015, there had been eight different hail storms that caused millions in damages each time, many of them were accompanied by a tornado as well.

April 2003

On one Easter Sunday, central Ohio experienced a severe hailstorm. Affecting numerous people and buildings in the area and causing $230.5 million in damages. This was one of the most costly storms in years, followed by a storm in May of 2004 causing $167 million in damages.

October 2006

Hail and strong winds hit central Ohio doing massive amounts of damage. Resulting in one of Ohio’s top five costliest storms, causing $239.6 million in damages.

June 2007

A hailstorm in June was originally thought to only have caused $105 million in losses, but in a May 2008 survey, it was discovered that the losses actually were at about $288, moving this storm into the third costliest in Ohio history.


September 2008

Hurricane Ike hit Ohio at its tail end, but that doesn’t mean that damages were at all reduced. What was originally thought to be the second costliest storm in Ohio history, after Xenia tornado, moved to the top of the list when the amount of damages hit $1.255 billion.


June and July 2012

In more recent years, a thunderstorm called “Derecho” hit the US, leaving a path of destruction for 700 hundred miles. This June 29 storm covered most of Ohio and was followed by a storm on July 1. The combined damages reach $845 million, becoming one of the costliest storms in recent years.

These storms do not even cover a majority of the storms Ohio has suffered from in the past, but these are a few of the storms that have done the most damage and been the most expensive. These storms have left their mark on Ohio, and many people have had to take care of the damages done to their properties.

When it comes to commercial roofing, there are many weather elements that can cause damage, causing it to need to be repaired or replaced. Your roof is what holds your business together. You want to be sure that it can hold up against some of these vicious storms, lasting longer and keeping your business safe from leaks and other damages.

High Winds

Having a roof that is installed correctly, with high quality material, it is more likely to hold up to strong winds and keep your roof secure. But sometimes, your roof is not installed correctly, has become loose, or the winds are too strong and your commercial roof can tear. This will expose your roof and may become more damaged when rain, snow, or hail hits. This can cause more damage to your property, and cost your more money.

Northeast Roofing Systems LLC offers only the highest quality material for your commercial roof and we are experienced with installing it and giving your roof the best protection possible. We offer waterproof roofing systems, roofing that is resistant to splitting, and that can withstand hurricane-force winds.

Snow and Ice

Ice and snow are never good for commercial roofs. If ice or snow builds up on your roof it can cause drainage problems, leaks, and may even collapse your roof. If snow or ice are collecting on your roof, the best option is to carefully remove it, taking weight of your roof and allowing for leaks not to form.


The roofing systems we use at Northeast Roofing Systems LLC offers structural strength, leak proof seams, and can help correct drainage problems with our spray polyurethane foam system. These Conklin Roofing Systems are made to outlast the elements, allowing your business to survive the winter.

Heavy Rain

Rain doesn’t seem to be too threatening to your business, especially if you trust your draining system. But heavy rain can begin to pool in areas of your roof, which may lead to leaks. Making sure your roof can drain successfully can help you save your business from leaks.

We offers Conklin’s Singly Ply Membrane Systems, which are built with superior waterproofing abilities, with the overlapped and welded membrane rolls.

Freezing Temperatures

In freezing temperatures, commercial roofs can crack, which is likely to create a leak, causing damage to your roof and as well as your business below.

While there is no real defense against freezing weather, we offer the fabric-reinforced roofing system from Conklin that is lightweight and resistant to splitting. This can help your roof to stand strong against the freezing temperatures.





It is tricky to assess damage after one hailstorm. Commercial roofs are strong enough to last through a hail storm or two, but there is damage done that is invisible, and overtime these damages grow a can cause leaks. It is important to check your roof yearly and after a hailstorm to ensure that no leaks have been created and that your roof is still holding up.

At Northeast Roofing Systems LLC, we offer roofing systems that can withstand hailstorms, offer protection that will last, and keep your roof leak free. These Conklin systems are high-quality and made to last.

Even if you don’t think your roof was affected in recent or past storms, you may be facing problems that you aren’t even aware of yet. Don’t wait until it is too late, a leak can cause more damage than you may think and could potentially ruin your property. Conklin Roofing Systems are made to protect your business against the elements, but storms are unpredictable, and you want to have to best for when the worst show up.

If your commercial roof has been standing up to the weather for a while, you may want to inspect it and make sure that it is not suffering from any serious problems. If you notice a problem, don’t wait to call Northeast Roofing Systems LLC, we will give you a free estimate and help you protect your property and your business against any future monster storms that make their way through Ohio. Contact us today to get started on ultimate protection for your commercial roof.