Just like the roof protecting your home, the roof protecting your business will eventually need to be restored or replaced. The roof on your commercial building deals with a lot of wear and tear—weather, the environment, and even the material of your roof all affect when your roof will need to be restored over even replaced.

A roof restoration is not something you want to avoid. Your roof is what is keeping your business safe from rain, snow, wind, and the outside world. If your business is important to you, and we are sure it is, then protecting it is most likely important to you as well.

If it has been a little too long since the last roof inspection done on your commercial property, then it is time to take a step towards a better protected and longer lasting roof. At Northeast Roofing Systems LLC, we will do a free roof inspection and give you an estimate. Our roofing professionals can let you know if your roof needs to be restored or completely replaced, depending on the damage and quality of your current roof.

Commercial roofs may not display obvious signs when a restoration is needed, much like our homes do. Shingles missing, sagging roofs, and age are simple way to determine if your home roof needs to be repaired or replaced. But with a commercial building, you do not see your roof every day, unless of course you climb up the the top of your business.

A roof restoration may be the better options, but there are a few factors that can determine if a restoration is all you need. Read on to learn more about your commercial roof!

When To Restore

Commercial roofs are often made to be durable and strong, which means they will generally be fine with a restoration, depending on damage and the quality of the current roof. At Northeast Roofing Systems LLC, we use only the best products. We use the Conklin’s Roofing Systems products— from Conklin’s Metal Roofing System to Conklin’s Spray Polyurethane Foam System. These products can help protect your roof and business from the elements, allowing it outlast other roofing systems.

There is a lot that can determine if your roof needs to be replaced or restored. Rust, depending on how much or your roof is affected, may call for a replacement rather than a restoration. But even if your roof has cracks, pooling water, or other issues, you may only need a restoration, the best way to determine what is most beneficial for your commercial roof is to have a professional come and inspect your roof.

These are some other signs your roof may need to be repaired:

  • Water is pooling
  • There are tears in the roof’s cover
  • You find bubbles in the cover
  • The insulation is wet
  • Mold is growing inside
  • Water is leaking inside
  • The age

If you notice any of these signs when taking a look at your roof, you may want to call us for a professional opinion. What are some benefits to restoring your roof rather than replacing it? These are a few reasons why a roof restoration could be better for your business:

Expands Life Of Roof

Restoring your roof, especially with the Conklin’s Roofing System products, can help to create a longer lasting roof. Commercial roofs generally last about 20 years and then a restoration or replacement is needed, hopefully your roof has not aged too much and simply restoring it will do the trick. A simple restoration can add up to 15 years to your roof’s life, allowing you to relax knowing your store is protected.

Less Pricey

A restoration is less expensive than a replacement, which may seem obvious, but considering a new roof will last 20 years and restorations can add another 15 years, you are basically doubling the life of your roof with a few restorations done. If restoring your roof can save you money and add years to its life, this is most likely the best option for your roof.

Less Construction

Your business may suffer if forced to close down for a few days to get a new roof installed. A restoration offers faster results, allowing your business to only close for a minimal amount of time or not at all! This is good for businesses who cannot afford shutting down for day after day. If the roof of your building does need a restoration, this will be a quick project and allow you to get back to work and feel better about the protection around your business.

More Environmentally Friendly

While the environment may not be the first thing you consider when deciding on a roofing replacement, it is an important aspect of choosing a restoration or a replacement. Landfills end up with tons of wasted roofing material every year, but restorations can help reduce the amount. Restorations are made on your existing roof, meaning that you will not be adding any waste to landfill. This is why it is important to get an inspection from a professional before starting a roofing job. Replacing a roof the simply needed a repair will waste a ton of materials and time. So, be friendly to the environment, and restore whenever possible.

Not only can restoring your roof help to keep wasted material out of landfills, but it will also help insulate your building, allowing you to be more energy efficient and save money in this aspect of business as well!

Tax Benefits

Replacing your roof is considered a capital expense. However, restoring that roof is considered a maintenance expenditure. Since you can take the deduction, you will be able to pay less taxes on maintenance of your business. You can do this rather than capitalizing on the expense.

A simple roof restoration can help you protect the things that matter. By giving your roof the care and maintenance it needs, you are protecting your business and keeping the important stuff safe from disasters. A roof that is in bad shape may begin to leak or even collapse if not restored when necessary. This would not only cost you money for a new roof, but also on everything inside that mattered to your business, whether that is office equipment or products you sell, the risk is not worth it.

A roof restoration is important to making sure your business stays safe. And keeping an eye on the quality of your roof and checking for any problems can help you ensure your roof is standing strong. If you want a second opinion, contact us. Northeast Roofing Systems LLC uses high quality products that will help your roof last a long time. Feel better about your business and protect it with a roof restoration. We can do a free inspection and offer your an estimate, determining if a restoration will do the job.