1. Tips to Getting Your New Store Up and Running

    Starting your own business can be challenging, exciting, scary, and many other things. You are most likely passionate about the field and you have worked hard to get to the point of starting your own business. Not all businesses start out the same though. Many people run their company from their home until they can afford to move into a commercial space. Finally moving your business from your gara…Read More

  2. All About Leaks

    A leak is never a good thing, especially when you learn that your business has a leaky roof during the worst rainstorm of the year. While a leaky faucet can generally be fixed pretty easily, a roof is a different story. A roof leak may require more repairs or a restoration and usually needs a roofing contractor. When you first spot a leak in your commercial roof, you may think that it is not a big…Read More

  3. Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

    Properly maintaining the roof of your commercial property is important, not only to help protect your business but also to save you thousands in repairs down the road. While your roof may not be your main concern, taking time to perform routine maintenance checks can ensure your roof is in good shape. Catching problems early can allow you to fix your roof with repairs, rather than a full replaceme…Read More

  4. Benefits Of Restoring Your Roof

    Just like the roof protecting your home, the roof protecting your business will eventually need to be restored or replaced. The roof on your commercial building deals with a lot of wear and tear—weather, the environment, and even the material of your roof all affect when your roof will need to be restored over even replaced. A roof restoration is not something you want to avoid. Your roof is wha…Read More

  5. Important Inspections For Commercial Buildings

    When you own a business and run it from a commercial property, there is a lot you need to be aware of. Running a business is more than taking care of your employees, keeping product in stock, and keeping a growing customer base. You have to worry about the property as well. Doing regular maintenance on your property is important to ensure that you do not suffer from any major problems in the futur…Read More

  6. Protecting Your Roof Against Ohio Weather

    Mother Nature is a beautiful thing that can turn into an ugly beast, bringing storms of all types to different areas around the globe, leaving a path of destruction. Ohio has seen its fair share of storms—from tornados to hail, all doing a millions in damages. These storms are hard to plan for and impossible to avoid. When a storm strikes, all that can be done is to wait it out and then begin th…Read More

  7. Benefits of the Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System

    Worrying about your roof leaking, cracking, or falling victim to Mother Nature is no way to run a business. But Mother Nature has a way of making herself known, giving us a reason to worry about our homes, cars, and even the roofs of our businesses. If your roof is damaged during a storm, replacement may not be necessary. Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofs can be repaired easily and last f…Read More

  8. What to Know About Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

    As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is your roof. But when you have leaks, cracks, or a roof that allows unwanted air to escape or enter, you will need to do something about it. A leaking roof, left untouched, could end up causing a much worse situation. The roof of your building plays a major role in your building's structural integrity. This means that roof problems, if i…Read More

  9. Roofing Styles for Your Business

    Commercial businesses require different structural features. From big doors, generally automatic, to special roofing styles, commercial businesses have different requirements that owners need to be aware of. When it comes to roofing, there are different commercial roofing options that can benefit your building in different ways. At Northeast Roofing Systems LLC, we use only the best and highest q…Read More